The Trade division is responsible for livestock and meat market access, market maintenance and diversification.
This division combines the functions of market and trade information and marketing, and serves functions related to supply management and marketing information to the Board and the Namibian meat industry through a management information system and by reporting industry trends and developments.
The division also provides support for production and market ­related issues with the aim of increasing the financial viability of livestock production in Namibia.
The division is supported by marketing assistants whose job is to increase the Livestock and Livestock Products Board’s visibility north of the VCF. The Information sub­division is responsible for gathering and disseminating information with respect to the meat industry.
This sub­division also focuses on expanding existing markets for livestock and meat as well as assisting with the exploration of new markets. The tasks of this division include informing producers, processors and consumers how to improve livestock and meat production and consumption.

Industry Trends