Which cattle must be marked with a stock brand?
  • All cattle older than 6 months, OR younger if they are moved before the age of 6 months.
  • If animals are bought OR received as a gift, they must be identified with the stock brand of the new owner within 30 days.
  • Cattle intended for export to must be branded with an “N” on the left cheek.
  • Imported cattle must be marked with “(­­---)” on the left cheek.
Branding irons
  • The stock brand owner is responsible for the branding iron. The iron can be manufactured by the owner himself or by a company / another person.
  • The owner of the stock brand is responsible for the safekeeping of the branding iron.
  • To prevent unlawful use of branding irons, Traditional authorities may request community members to surrender them for safekeeping.
What does a brand look like?
  • The sketch on the Stock Brand Certificate shows the correct arrangement of the stock brand characters.
  • The space between characters must be at least 12,5mm but not more than 19mm.
Where must cattle be branded
  • The brand must be clearly visible.
  • Order of branding in the case of change of ownership:
    • 1. Left hind leg
    • 2. Left shoulder
    • 3. Left neck
    • 4. Right hind leg
    • 5. Right shoulder
    • 6. Right neck
  • Please refer to the following picture. The brand must be placed in the prescribed sites:
Import brand specifications:

  • Have the equipment ready before your start branding.
  • Make sure you have enough people to assist. Assistants must restrain the animal firmly. Branding will be easier if the animal is restrained in a crush.
  • Heat the iron well in a fire or a gas flame. The iron is ready when it becomes reddish. The iron should never be bright red! Test the iron on piece of wood.
  • Make sure the animal cannot hurt anyone when being branded.
  • Hold the iron against the animal at the prescribed site. Only VERY SLIGHT pressure is needed FOR 3 - 5 SECONDS.
  • Spray cold clean water on brand to cool skin down. Spray wound oil on the brand. NOT MANURE!
  • Release the animal and check the brand in a few days for infection.
Branding stud animals
  • Stud animals are to be branded with the brand registered with the Namibian Stud Breeders Association.
  • If a stud breeding animal bearing a stud brand is being culled / cancelled OR sold as commercial livestock, the animal must be re-branded with the owner’s commercial brand.
Sheep, goats and pigs
  • Sheep, goats and pigs are NOT branded. Pigs are identified with ear tattoo marks. Sheep and goats are identified with ear tags bearing the unique stock brand number of the owner.
  • Sheep, goats and pigs must be identified by the age of 3 months OR earlier if moved earlier.
  • Sheep and goats imported / exported must be branded on the left cheek as described for cattle.