NamLITS online can be accessed at

Any person wanting to register as a user on NamLITS online must have:
  1. a registered Stock Brand;
  2. a Meat Board Producer number;
  3. an establishment linked on NamLITS to the Stock Brand (this is done at State Veterinary offices once the registration of the Stock Brand is complete);
  4. a Livestock Keeper Key (this is a number allocated to the producer on the NamLITS system once the stock brand and establishment are linked and can be obtained from the State Vet office); and
  5. An e-mail address and access to the internet.
How to register as a user on NamLITS online:
Step 1: Access the NamLITS online webpage:
Step 2: On the welcome page, click on “ENTER HERE”
Step 3: On the home page, select “Register” in the list on the left side of the page
Step 4: Complete the required fields marked with a * on the Registration page
Step 5: Select “Submit” on the right bottom of the page once you are satisfied with the information provided to complete registration.  Next time you want to use NamLITS online, you will select “Login” instead of “Register” on the home page.

Once you have registered, a number of online functions will be available to you!
You can download the “Quick guidelines” for NamLITS online “here
You can download a step-by-step User Manual for NamLITS online “here

NAMLITS Helpdesk
The FAN Meat Division of the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) operates a Namibian Livestock Identification and Traceability System (NamLITS) Helpdesk between 08H00 and 16H00 Mondays to Fridays.
The function of the Helpdesk is to assist producers with queries regarding NamLITS online. 
Our friendly team consist of Marry, Ronald, Anna and Uasora
They can be contacted at: +264 61 275 851 / 853 / 879 / 861

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