The new NamLITS online ( was launched on 15 July 2020 and enables the Producer to access a number of online functions in order to allow the producer more responsibility but also more control over compliance with the livestock identification and traceability requirements.  The following is a list of functions which can now be performed by the Producer directly on NamLITS (Namibian Livestock Identification and Traceability System):


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My Status

Check status of the brand (restricted or not), self-declaration submission and herd health status

Animal Identification


-   Commercial Stock Brand

Use this function to find the owner of a brand or to find the brand of a commercial producer

-   Communal Stock Brand

Use this function to find the owner of a brand or to find the brand of a communal producer

-   Ear tag identification

Use this function to find the owner of an ear tag, using the ear tag number.

Animal Management


-   Order Tags

Order official cattle and small stock ear tags online

-   Livestock Termination

Terminate livestock to remove from the herd due to death, loss, slaughter or theft

-   Animal Register

Own record of livestock on the farm.  This register does not influence the herd statement.

-   Change Animal Classification

Change the class, breed and type of an animal

FAN Meat Forms

These records must be kept by every producer:

-   Feed & Lick Register

Record of feed and lick given to livestock

-   Livestock Vaccinations

Record of vaccinations and treatments given to livestock

-   Employee Training

Record of employee training

Livestock Movements


-   Permit Application

Apply for a movement permit online.  The permit will be mailed to the e-mail address provided

-   Movement Notice Capture

Capture movement notices after the movement has taken place to move animals on NamLITS



-   Small Stock Registration

Register official small stock ear tags on NamLITS

-   Cattle Registration

Register official cattle ear tags on NamLITS

-   Cattle Tag Replacement

Replace official cattle ear tags on NamLITS



-   Herd Details

Find the herd ID, Livestock Keeper Key and Stock Brand of a producer

-   Establishment Details

Find the establishment code for an establishment (eg. for abattoir to which animals will move)

-   Permit Enquiry

Find the details of an issued movement permit

User Details


-   Update Address Change

Update any address changes

-   Change Password

Change password with which to access NamLITS online

-   Email History

Check history of e-mails received by NamLITS online



-   Cattle Movement History

Check specific animal movement history using ear tag number

-   Cattle Movement Exceptions

Check any cattle movement exceptions for a specified period of time

-   Herd Statement

Displays herd as it is registered on NamLITS

-   New Registrations

Displays new tag registrations for a specified period of time

-   Departures

Displays information for animal departures from establishment for a specified period of time

-   Arrivals

Displays information for animal arrivals at establishment for a specified period of time

-   Farm Permits

Displays all permits to and from establishment for specified period of time

-   Outstanding Permits

Displays all outstanding permits to and from establishment for a specified period of time

-   90/40 Days Validation

Check the 90/40 day residency compliance of specific cattle or for all registered animals

-   Livestock Reconciliation

Check own livestock register against the herd as registered on NamLITS to detect differences

-   Herd Health Status Enquiry

Check herd health status (any notifiable diseases reported on the establishment or in the area)

Livestock and Livestock Products Board Online


-   MB Portal

Link to the MB portal on which levy payments can be submitted and permits applied for

Animal Health Declaration


-   Form

Submit animal health declaration online

-   History

Check history of self-declarations submitted by producer

Log Out

Log out of NamLITS online