For livestock Producers: according to the Stock Brands Act of Namibia, every person keeping or owning livestock, MUST register for a stock brand. Once you register for a stock brand, you automatically become a FAN Meat Member. No extra cost involved!

Transporters, Agents, Auctioneers of livestock, Feed Manufacturers, Feedlots and Export Abattoirs wanting to register as a member of the FAN Meat Scheme can do so by completing Form F-FOR-12 and returning the application to the FAN Meat office for attention of Chief FAN Meat Scheme. Application is free of charge. A self-declaration must be completed and returned to the FAN Meat Office for attention of Chief FAN Meat Scheme. If the FAN Meat Office is satisfied that the applicant poses no threat to the credibility of the Scheme or violates no rules or regulations, a FAN Meat Membership Card is issued to the applicant.

In order to maintain your FAN Meat membership, producers need to complete and submit an Animal Health Self-declaration form which is distributed by the Directorate of Veterinary Services twice a year. The FAN Meat division, in collaboration with the Directorate of Veterinary Services, also conducts farm inspections and community visits on an ad-hoc basis. During these inspections, the inspector will check whether your records are up to date, whether you vaccinated your livestock as prescribed by law, whether your livestock is in good condition, is branded and correctly identified. The inspector will also check that animal handling facilities are constructed in such a way that the animals cannot be injured during handling.

Non-producer FAN Meat members, (export abattoirs, auctioneers/agents, transporters, feedlots and feed manufacturers) submit self-declarations on an annual basis and are inspected by the Meat Board annually.

On registration as FAN Meat Scheme Member, the applicant acknowledges that:

  • The Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) administers and implements the FAN Meat Scheme;
  • The MBN implements the FAN Meat Scheme in cooperation with the Directorate of Veterinary Services;
  • The Rules of the FAN Meat Scheme evidence a binding legal agreement between the Member and the MBN;
  • Any reference to rights or obligations of the Committee under these Rules includes rights and obligations of the MBN;
  • Any false or misleading information given on the application form, during assessments or in any other communication may lead to suspension or withdrawal of certification and even exclusion from future participation in the scheme.


Once a Member, the Member has to ensures that he/she:
  • complies with the Rules and the relevant Standards;
  • maintains all records relating to these Rules and Standards;
  • permits an Auditor to audit its management systems including records, facilities and other relevant information pertaining to these Rules and the relevant Standards;
  • conducts Internal audits once a year and submit the self-declaration form, as required;
  • Allows an authorized representative of FAN Meat Office access to facilities at reasonable times as required by FAN Meat Office or its authorized representative, for the purpose of reviewing the Member’s compliance with these Rules and Standards.
  • cooperates with an Auditor by providing any necessary resources and assistance as required by the Auditor to properly perform an Audit;
  • takes timely and effective corrective action to rectify non-conformances identified via:
    • Initial and subsequent annual internal audits conducted by members themselves
    • Audits conducted by Meat Board Auditors


In order to verify compliance with FAN Meat Standards and Rules, producers have to complete and submit an Animal Health Self-declaration form twice per year. This form is distributed by the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS), and must be submitted to DVS after completion. The form can also be submitted electronically via NamLITS online by registered users.

Data is captured on a central data base and the FAN Meat Division of the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) draws the relevant data to verify compliance with FAN Meat Standards and Rules.

In addition, a farm inspection is conducted on ad-hoc basis, during which compliance is verified.

Non-producers (agents, transporters, feed manufacturers, feedlots and export abattoirs) are inspected annually by the FAN Meat team. Non-producers also have to submit a self-declaration annually to the FAN Meat Division of the MBN. Annual re-registration is required.

In the case of non-conformance, the member will be issued with a requested corrective action. Proof of such corrective action must be submitted to the FAN Meat Division. Follow up inspections will be conducted to verify if deemed necessary.

In the case of corrective action not performed or not performed to the satisfaction of the FAN Meat team, membership may be suspended.

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