Abattoir registration must be renewed on an annual basis by end May of each year. Re-registration is done by completing and submitting the Abattoir self-declaration form for re-registration to AdminMeatStandards@nammic.com.na or faxed to 061- 238839. The e-mail or fax subject field must clearly read: ABATTOIR RE-REGISTRATION. Please confirm receipt of your self-declaration form at AdminMeatStandards@nammic.com.na or 061 275 871 The Meat Standards division may conduct an audit at the abattoir. Findings during such an audit will be communicated with the abattoir operator. Major findings could result in registration not being renewed until such time as non-conformances has been corrected in an acceptable manner. Depending on the nature of the non-conformances, the matter might be reported to the Directorate of Veterinary Services or Ministry of Health local authorities. For more information with regard to the maintenance of abattoir registration, please contact: AdminMeatStandards@nammic.com.na or 061 275 871 or Petrus Maritz (Chief Classification) at 061 275 847 or petrus@nammic.com.na