The Classification of meat is a system whereby the carcass is classed according to age, fat, and conformation.

The age of the animal is classed as A (animal with 0 permanent teeth), AB (animal with 1 – 2 permanent teeth), B (animal with 3-6 permanent teeth and C (animal with 7- 8 permanent teeth.

It is generally accepted that a younger animal produces more tender meat and that an older animal produces more flavourful meat.

The fatness of the carcass is classed as 0 to 6, where 0 means no fat and 6 means excessively overfat.

Conformation of the carcass is classed as 1 – 5 and is an indication of the meat yield, where 1 is a flat carcass with not low meat yield and 5 is a well-rounded muscular carcass with high meat yield.

The important information in terms of meat consumption is the age and fatness class of the carcass.